The writers of fiction are distributors of truth, while the distributors of truth are writers of fiction. There are worlds behind worlds. We sometimes forget this as well as our unlimited potentials. Giants walked this earth. Humanoid hybrids of many forms. Our DNA is capable of dozens of strands. The so called junk is unfinished, unlocked code that we complete by connecting ourselves to spirit through a series of actions and choices. Our personal journeys. And these realities have many versions. Not dimensions but echoes of now. Some of us can tap into that and pull power from many points. Collecting energy from the field that has the information we need as our Solar System Space Ship passes through new data. Our sun receiving and transmitting energy for our continued collaboration with the stars.

   My role on this planet is Worldbridger. I am a healer. My medicine is information, collaboration and manifestation. I connect worlds as I turn others’ weaknesses into strengths. When one is ready I pull out potential and supply a mirror so that individuals can see who they really are. Which allows them a greater connection to where they want to be. A conduit. A catalyst. But I receive so much more from the interaction than I could possibly give.

  One early morning I received a call from a demigod. I didn't know it until this very moment but she pulled me into a journey when I first met her long ago. Her natural beauty, her strength and power. Her style and attitude, her sexy multicultural accent and her compassion. She moved me in such a way that inspired a vision for myself. Before even knowing her name I knew who she was. An obvious individual with a pronounced raw code. Everything seemed to spiral around her when she was present. I had to know more about her world and the others who were part of her team. Being exposed to this created an inner need to find a group. To be a part of a mission greater than myself.

   She reconnected with me because of our history and what she had learned of who I had become. I was informed I would play a part in her campaign to distribute knowledge that she had intended for her people. By utilizing conduits like me  the eyes that gravitate to us are specific. A special audience with unique preferences. As we are more picky as to how we choose to  create and share.

  So in accordance with one of her ancestors‘ many traditions, she required a male energy to be a bridge for this information.This was full circle for me and yet a bit surreal to wake up suddenly to this, a great responsibility that shook my assemblage point. Although I had experience with such icons, compared to her my knowledge and understanding didn’t touch this Bronx Electric Zulu Mama. I was in for a lesson on many levels. Humility comes in many forms and maybe this was a sign for me to step into my next level of growth. It was a detour with a gorgeous view and a soul recharging purpose.

  She was lean, muscular, tall, had an infectious laugh and soothingly strong voice. Spiritually charged and primally wired star child wrapped up in spirally cascade of cool! She carried the buzz of a woman who had been there and done that. But was still able to show the excited child, being very verbally animated planning our next connection. Yet there was an underlining sadness.  A quietness. Maybe that is why my energy is needed at this point. I've been known to walk into a room and charge people. Not that I thought she needed charging by any stretch of the imagination. Hell, I'm still trying to not stutter as I continue our conversation. In any case, after a nice long talk setting intention we scheduled a time for our in-person pow wow. That, on a selfish note, would end up inspiring me to continue creating new possibilities for myself.

Her name is Ororo Munroe. Storm. Her goddess is Maat. Truth and Balance!



Los Angeles CA. JUNE 2015


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WORLDBRIDGER: Welcome, Sister. You are in a sanctuary. Everything here is set up with you in mind. Everyone here was invited by you.

ORORO: Manifested from the light! Coming forth by day! I believe and receive you, Brother. I feel comfort. You and your lady have made me feel right at home. I’m enjoying this tea that she has made for me. Chaga mushroom and local honey with lemon is just what I needed to recover from my journey. It gives me a nice buzz!

W: Excellent! We’re all about getting our fluids correct these days. However, I still have a weakness for coffee with cream.

O: AHHH Yes[laughs] We all have our weaknesses! However you are both seemingly posturing yourselves very wisely. It is all about our fluids. Our Stomach, Kidneys, Blood. This is where our powers come from. Part of gene activation. Each one of us. We have all been given the gift to unleash our true potential and explore all the possibilities on this planet. We all have great power! This is why I take great offense to the use of words like Mutant in today’s conversations.

But let us not get caught up in this issue just yet! Let us continue talking of personal growth, transformation, gratitude and all the possibilities when those things are in order. BEING! THIS is what my heart is most excited about! How appropriate that this is the first thing you bring up!

W: I did?

O: YES YES! Getting your fluids right! We are Dynamic Fluid Beings! Our bones and muscles do not keep us up, electricity and fluid does. Your Stomach's Microbiome, Lymphatic System, Adrenals and Kidneys are key! The life in your fluids communicates with or Mitochondrial DNA which activates our genes , the super conductors to the Signal, the Great Spirit. P'tah! Creating our physical representation of our light force and resistence. Our feet are grounded on this earth and our heads pointed to the cosmos to receive and complete the signal. The Electromagnetic Cosmos! This is where our intention comes from and this is where our growth comes from. The words evolution and change are too incomplete and ultimately confusing to describe what is happening to us. We still have much rediscovery to do before we can define such parameters.

All of our Ancient Structures and Sacred Texts are documentation to these understandings. But now we are merely just a people who have forgotten who we are and believe our tools are what defines us. Disconnected yet with nothing left but potential.

W: Which can lead to unhealthy Hero Worship. Dogma of all different shapes and sounds. In every Institution even the self proclaimed purest.

O: Unfortunately this can be true.

W: We are tribal people of story tellers. We manifest reality through these creations of words and images. These things have amazing influence over a society! However it seems our heroes are leaving much to be desired as far as their contributions to how we collectively evolve, correction, grow these days. As well as those who tell their stories.

STORM_REDXO: Then I would say it is time to become what you seek.

W: Sounds like a healthy challenge. A classic theme we obviously need to hear again and again….and again. I do see it happening all around me. I'm not so cynical. I still believe.

O: We all have the potential for much more. And it does not take long to make the shift. However it will not come from boxed food product, a government, a law passed or the M.D.s who practice pharmaceutical prescription distribution and marketing. It is probably the simplest and easiest thing one can do yet it has been successfully sold as the most difficult or as merely a trivial thing.

W: Have children? Get into debt?

O: [laughs] I’m talking about movement and proper nutrition. Real sustenance. Access for everyone. Permaculture. Communities always lush with food! Everywhere you look! It should be our only mandate passed by any supposed leader. You can spot a fraud in office by what he chooses to force people to do. Like buying into failing systems mistaken as health care. Pimping empty words like hope and change.

W: I feel you. I have been recovering from my past lifestyle choices. I walked for a long time very unhealthy. Eating incorrectly which led to all kinds of wrong decisions. It's easy to put faith into a system if you don't understand what is wrong with it in the first place. We put so much trust into profit based systems. Seems foolish and careless.

O: Sometimes relying on others to take care of you can be the unhealthiest decision we can make. People can miss the power of things like food and water. It is more important than gas or diamonds.

W: INDEED! The food distribution empires are pretty insane. And now being on a different path, taking better care of my body I have felt my powers grow. And speaking of powers growing you have a pretty vast influence. From your leadership rolls in X-Men, as one of the first members! The Morlocks! Your marriage to T’Challa making you a Queen for day. Your association with the United Nations as well as the Registration Act. You policed "mutants" through the X.S.E.. You've been labeled an enemy of the state! What the hell? Even been to hell and back. Literally. It’s quite a dynamic yet very contrary biography. Are you friend or foe?

O: I am! If I was not then why would I say I am? [smiles] I have allies and enemies just like anyone else. I have loved and I have lost. I have failed more times than I have succeeded. But the victors write History, as you well know. So what I say does not matter at the end of it all. The people who speak of me only care about their version of who I am. Although I do find it curious how this all started for me. With my own misconception of who I was. Listening to other peoples' version of me took me off my path. It is funny how ones’ journey can bring them right back to where they started. To find their treasure in this life. What I found is that I am not a mutation nor an accident. How can such a power be an accident? Not natural? How ridiculous. The Creator does not work in accidents. I begin just like everyone else. But my mother and her mothers down the line were already advanced in their innerstanding and passed this code to me. Not necessarily genetically, but through higher education and preparation. There is an incredible wealth of overstanding in the way of biology and cosmology in my lineage. But I still had to unlock it to be able to add more to my personal power. To be able to do what people have seen. Although I had additional guides like Ainet, it was I who had to take the first steps. And I learned early on that how you perceive this life is how you form a reality. It defines and designs you. And you can potentially change everything about you at any moment. A quantum shift! [snaps fingers filling the room with electricity and giggles.]

There was once a time where we as a planet had the ability to perceive ourselves with a grander vision. Our dreams and waking lives were continuously intertwined. We did not live on top of each other desperate and dependent. We inhabited the air, water, earth and fire. Life was everywhere! Life IS everywhere, in every condition imaginable. We have been on this planet many times over. Time is not linear as most know. Yes there is history where we destroyed each other. We have also been destroyed by the natural re-positioning of the planets. Causing environmental havoc, like floods, on some celestial bodies while other surfaces like Mars' experienced hemispheric excavation by the electromagnetic storms created by their intimate dance of violence and creation. All because we were not in harmony with our own frequencies.

There were times when it was common place to have powers. While those who were not yet fully realized were equally respected. They had other earthly overstandings that contributed to the balance. But most importantly there was a high respect for all life. The world was in great harmony. We are now merely scraping the surface of this history. Our recent discoveries of the advanced ancient structures around the world is just the beginning of what will be uncovered. There are thousands more just as impressive on the immediate surface and yet a whole world underneath. Mountain range cities branch over the globe like lightening bolts!

But now I fear everyone is sharing the same reality and they are disconnected to the dream state all together. And their waking state is becoming more zombie like. Our realities go through a screen first. This is my general feeling, of course there are many exceptions. But our entertainment media and the poisoned-foods we consume are our biggest enemies. False fears of viral ghosts that are followed by those who we call experts with toxic solutions. These are the same people who keep the food scarce. Who have create patentable GMOs that are void of the wild code the planet created. We have allowed these men and women to teach our children ignorance. So today if you are part of the original way of being, which is no longer the current way, you are called crazy or in my case a mutant. It's dismissive. Character assassination. Development assassination!

Mutant? I am intentional!!! We are intentional. Our separate experiences are important, not insignificant at all! And all the roles I played were perfect for my being. Especially my mistakes. Every moment that I had to begin again in order to grow was beneficial. This is what is part of shaping us all. Our movement! Like the perturbation we call Sun our movement collects what we need and it distributes to the rest of the body to form a system. What we experience and what we choose to experience, along with our genetic supply is a body with unlimited possibilities.

It can even be difficult for me to comprehend it fully and there has been rumor of me having problems owning my power. Those rumors are partly correct. I do have a problem with ownership. I am a steward. My power is not my slave.  Eventually Osiris will take me back to P'tah. In my peoples' language. So my problem might lay in the fact that this power has a life of its own. And then there is also my life at the same time. Together yet separate. So people cannot take it away from me. But I do tend to neglect it and abuse it when I do not believe in my self. It was not Achmed el- Gibar, Forge, the Brood, the U.N., T'Challa, Scott, Logan or even Charles Xavier. It was my personal world view that allowed me to surrender my responsibility. And I am only cheating myself when I act this way.

We are infinite beings when tapped into the source. We pop in and out of variations of who we decide to be at any given moment depending on where we are in location to the source. The galactic center as well as how grounded we are to Gaia. On both micro and macro levels. We are all shape shifters in this way. And we share each others realities. But make no mistake we are all meant to be! I am meant to be! And now is my time to reset my intention. It is my duty to take myself back from the old ideas of me.

W: I receive and believe you. So when did you first become aware of your abilities?


O: It took me many years to innerstand my abilities. And even now I am still learning. When I first discovered my potential I was making the journey literally across the desert. I took a man's life. I had no choice. Plus I had no discipline or training so my reaction to the situation was hyper violent. I went into shock and I found myself just wondering the sands for weeks. But what had happened without my knowledge I was far from zombie. My mother would of said that Asa took over my body and protected me. It was cleansed of all toxins as a result. Transdermally I remained hydrated enough. My body was fighting to live and it was pulling in moisture from water systems deep under the hot terrain. I was instinctually eating a desert fungus that was filling my stomach with healthy life and feeding my mind. My liver functioned more efficiently. The sorrow I was experiencing put me in this state of clarity I had never experienced before. My tears consoled me. Close to death my body was becoming a super conductor of potential. All these specific conditions led to a physical and mental transformation. My perceptions of myself were growing, activating DNA. Writing new code. Designing who I would become next. But far from who I am now.

From water to wine. A moment of perfect intent. A catalyst. Plus I was walking on electric fields! Key resonating lay lines completing my connection in the most ideal way I could never plan for. Although it was already in me from my mothers' lineage, these series of events launched me into a unifying atmosphere. Connected to the morphogenetic field of the earth. Which is the first line of our planets experience in it's relationship to the field. Where all information resides. My heart was open to receive. That part would show to continue to be my greatest challenge as I continued. Receiving all into my soul.

WORLDBRIDGER: So many layers to our existence and our immersive interactions. I’m starting to think that we are all elements at different stages of motion.

STORM_VERTICALBANNER01ORORO: YOU ARE! What is the periodic table, after all? But just an attempt to describe energy at different stages of motion. We all are at different stages of our personal movement. When our vessel is in alignment with the environment then we can achieve an unlimited experience. Frequency made us and resonating electrical force through liquid defines us. Collaborative information! The great musicians understand this! Because music represents the fractal pattern. Sound waves and DNA are the same! I have always been drawn to all kinds of music for this reason. The best always felt like they were only conduits! Discovering the music, not necessarily creating it. But they were doing both. Turning abstract into tangible. Musicians have great power, strong magic! If I had to trade my life to live anothers' it would have been a musician's.

We all have this amazing ability that has been designed and given to us so that we can experience and create more experience! The Cosmos desires more for us. As we live we are suppose to expand. It is truly a wonder to see how we can all be made up of the same things as stars, living in the same world together yet be totally unique as well. The field is wondrous!

So you see I am a Plasmoid! [laughs] My power does not stem from the weather, it comes from the electromagnetic field around us. Weather is the result of this! The cosmos is fire water! We swim in it everyday. It is dense with information. Spirit turns into matter when the frequency changes. When resistance is met The planets in our solar system are not held together in a collaborative system because a central star is exploding. That is nonsense! This is new thinking that the age of technology and industry brought. Backed by superstitious greedy, Priest Caste men who are now world leaders and CEO’s of corporations who profit off you being sick or dead. Faithless in self and most are dependent on them.

W: But you have been apart of these organizations. You've worked for most. It seems every side wants you to come work for them at some point and you accommodate.

O:[smiles with a reflective pause] My journey has been filled with death and rebirth. Control and a lack of control. The same people trying to love me are the same people who wanted my power. Or dominion over me. That was a direct reflection of how I related to the world. Obviously. None of this was a mistake. It was self inflicted. My desire to find worth in other peoples' eyes before my own. Now I have less people around me than ever before yet I do not feel lonely. I had to leave the schools. I had to learn more about myself. Plus I felt like I was not helping these children by continuing these lies. Although places to learn and apply knowledge can be a much needed part to our development, institutions are not necessarily the solutions. Especially when you consider the name on the front door.

But I chose who I rolled with. Even if I was wrong, it was my choice. If I was deceived it was partly because I wanted to be deceived. I needed it apparently, to learn more about who I would become and why. But one thing I learned is that every time I joined something with the belief that it was greater than me I would lose a large piece of my identity. An important part. Teams are a great idea and you need to work with other people. I think it would be a mistake to translate what I am saying into an idea that teams are bad. But be careful to not lose the individual.

W: So Professor X had it wrong?

O: I love him. He has given so much and he was an integral part of my journey. So many individuals grew because of him and would not be where they are. I do not agree with all his conclusions and politics. Not to mention teams can historically be careless with the individuals. So I would not say he is wrong but I would not say he is right either.

W: The individual can get a bad wrap. Are we egomaniacs or can we work with teams?

O: This idea of an ego is not real. This myth is usually sold by someone. But often used by the more self centered kind. The ego was invented by men who want to define and control you. They want to intercept the code and replace it with their own. They tell you that you are not capable to innerstand the real you and that they are the keepers of who you are and how/why you react. While the real truth is that they are the sickness. Vampires. This toxic energy spreads and creates what they tell us is the Super Ego. Which is usually what people call Civilization. Not to be mistaken for Culture. But we are under a microscope. An accepted social agreement. Nothing more. Controlled by the same men who sell you land, failed health care, no faith, scarcity of resources, politics, money and war.

We are all things. Good and bad. YES! We should innerstand all sides of ourselves. We are not separate from our potentials and emotions. They are part of us and can be utilized in such a way that can be beneficial instead of damaging. So if one looks at me as something they call a hero then I would say it was born from my need to know, experience and grow. Some would call it an ego to put me in my place but I call it my desire, my purpose. I AM! The reason why I popped into existence from the field.

[A joyful laugh fills the room which becomes infectious as we pause to finish some tea and share some tracks from each others' playlists. Ororo and I share a love for many different genres of music.]


W: I enjoy your references. You pull from many sources. However it always seems to all come together with the way you break it down. I’d like to explore more about why you feel you have surrendered your responsibility to yourself.

O: We all do it. I believe this is one of our greatest battles. It begins with oneself. Internal conflicted dialogue paradigm The Maya called it the only true battle a warrior goes through. The Mitoté! The Thousand Voices. The only real battle there is. For example. When I first met Charles Xavier I had come from a strong upbringing. My tribe held me in high regard because of what my power allowed me to contribute to its' prosperity. They knew my history of powerful women in my lineage. My presence and participation with them made them stronger. More fruitful. Like a Raindance brings water, our electromagnetic fields can affect our environment the same way our environment affects us. But I was at a moment of great loss and weakness when the Professor revealed himself. So his words had much influence over my perceptions.

W: Revealed?

STORM_RGB_4SITEO: One of the amazing principles of the field is that it will manifest what matters. When it matters.

W: Ah, indeed! What matters over mind?

O:[Smiles] Yes, it is true, ones’ mind is practically the last thing to understand what is happening although it is of course very instrumental for the health of our cells. But there are many other brains at work before the one in our skulls receives information. The field holds all information. We are merely capable of picking it up as we pass through...IF, we are in tune. IF our fluids are right we can receive much energy and intent through our membranes.

Professor X knew that I am a proton that receives the signal that spontaneously creates other orbiting bodies. He knew by making me an important part of his team he was able to gravitate more much needed attention for his agenda. And by using my fluidity I myself was a catalyst to the development of his students' expression.

W: By changing ones genetics based off their collaborative movement with you?

O: Exactly!

W: And at what stage of your personal movement are you finding yourself today?

O: Transitional. Currently I am growing to another stage that has yet to reveal itself fully. So I continue receiving the signal. Collecting more data to determine the next tier to my continued experience. Knowing the more I connect and collaborate even on this level will be apart of my next step. Much like you said earlier, I am recovering from old choices. And sometimes reprogramming is a more grueling task than going on living by someone else's code. But unlike the latter, the former comes with the gift of yourself. The true self. Authentic. Flawed but beautifully real. Organic and liquid.

WORLDBRIDGER: There it be again! Liquid! It’s all about the fluids. The movement. It all keeps coming back to that doesn’t it. It’s right in front of us. Water and electricity creating form and life through resonating frequency determined by the conditions of the receiver and environment.

What you’re sharing with me has started to unlock all these other ideas. A chain reaction of new directions to take. Along side big questions being answered. Or at least it’s allowing me to continue my search with more appropriate and specific inquiries.

ORORO: And let us not forget the importance of being. Before we make things too complex. Great purpose can come in the form of just opening a door for someone. Looking them in the eye when they are speaking to you and showing them you are present. That is power.

W: I have to remind myself to be present all the time. It’s another one of my challenges but as I learn more about what it takes to negotiate bad habits I find it to be quite enjoyable. Like it’s a form of appreciating myself.

Funny you bring up opening doors for people. My Mother always shares this story about me going to restaurants with her as a very small child and I would wait at the front, opening the door for people as they came into eat. If they pulled up in their cars, I would open the car doors first. I feel like I've kept that power with me as I get older. I enjoy opening doors for people even if they do not acknowledge my presence. [laughs]

STORMCHILLSometimes we can exaggerate what that word, power, means. And at the same time we can play it down too much. I feel a lot of my passed struggles came from not seeing the joy in the little things as much as I should've. So many distractions and detours about the quest for this concept of a game. But I realized I didn’t write those rules and I don’t like how it’s being played. I don't participate in systems I don't agree with anymore. I don't want to engage either in form of debate. I'd rather just keep it moving. Only looking for dialectics.

O: There is no game. Only life. Being. Anyone that would call him or herself a player is the one being played, brother. You are correct in your observation. You did not write those rules. But at the same time the people have agreed to them. By the everyday choices they make including the choices they did not make.

The good news is we are not inherently evil and we can turn this all around. This history does not belong to us, we have to write the real story. I think the best focus is on self and the people you love, I feel those decisions can be a part of the healing on a larger scale. Another fractal dynamic.

I am considered an enemy now only because of what I know of these men and women I have worked for. I have found myself on both sides of this coin toss. Each side is still part of the same flip. A brilliant illusion. We have what we need. As a body, as a world. By doubting and relying on other men and women is where the people will find conflict. By surrendering to the will of the field ones' path becomes less resistant.

WORLDBRIDGER: I can see why the U.N. wanted your voice. Your compassion has really started to dominate your perspectives and decisions. People are in need of your reason.

ORORO: My time with the United Nations was a time of great despair for me. Another illusion. I saw many things that took me to the edge of my sanity. I thought I reached a higher level of purpose with this new roll and responsibility. What I find is that these great organizations that hide behind their so called good deeds are the plague of this worlds’ prosperity. They command great magic. Social and economic conditions. With mere ink and paper they control the fates of whole societies. One world control. Ultimately the people are the biggest part of oppressing themselves. It can be discouraging at times.

When I first agreed to work for them I met a woman at the core of the World Health Organization. She had convinced me into false charities that stripped me of any kind of spiritual foundational strength I might have made for myself up to that moment. I knew she had advanced overstanding when we first started working together at the U.N.. I was very attracted to her spirit. She headed up the war against AIDS and HIV.

We wanted to change the world together! I was still naive even at that stage of my life. But she was already much deeper than me into the investment of it all. And it immediately shifted, because I discovered the HIV deception and who the tests were targeting. AZT , the supposed cure, was killing more people than HIV, besides there was no proof it created AIDS. Immunity deficiencies was caused by a lot of things. Lifestyle mostly. In the States that meant people doing drugs, not sleeping, not eating and having low immunity as a result. Then going on Antibiotics which kills your stomach, destroying your natural immunity even more and then AZT which then finishes you off. But with my people in Africa the disease is something else all together, with different symptoms. But it does not take one long to figure out that it comes from poverty and toxic environmental conditions. I immediately questioned what we were doing and my friend and I split ways on this issue. The organization assassinated my name and my message so I had to go underground yet again to keep the distribution of information. I am grateful it happened because it opened my eyes to who was pulling the strings in these international families. And why.

Systematically I was played while thinking I was a player. What a great honor I thought it was to be associated with these organizations. I was "helping" after all. Or so I thought. When I realized they were the biggest slave trade syndicate and I was a poster child for their movement I wanted to die. I had to walk away. I knew my whispers would be more powerful then my screams at that point. After all, like an Apache Warrior once told me, they cannot account for a whisper.

In a fundamentally sick world things like help and charities are perpetuating the problems while only creating great P.R. for the ruling classes. If we are to live correct we find no need for these things. And I am not saying that helping is wrong, I am saying ask yourself, "Who am I helping?".


W: OK. You’re gonna have to expand on all that. Most people think that those organizations are good. Hell, I'm the first one to say I know what's up but that pretty much blew my face off. Tell me more.

ORORO: My short union with T’Challa was the result of design much older than my life. When we deal with the families of empires, or should I say the builders of empires, we should consider time is looked at with a much broader eye. They deal in manipulation of your consciousness and subconscious. While most deal with only making rent or being able to eat another day.

Another low part of my life was being introduced to artificial power offered to me in the form of a title. Queen. The most horrendously hypocritical and disgusting position a being like me can choose. Power had been continually taken away from me and when I found myself hopeless and powerless once more, these false positions gave me a false sense of security. Although my association with these organizations made me look like I was on top, my emotional state and belief in myself had been beat down. And I was on the verge of losing it. I was not sure who I could turn to for a moment of clarity.

Who was my friend?

Being told I was a Queen made me feel good again. I knew and loved T'Challa and what he was really doing with Vibranium and the people who followed him, but these were not our roles. This is not how our people are inspired. We both realized this. We thought we wanted to align with powers like the U.N., we thought we could be players. Right? But why were we not living lives? Why were we playing games? Life is not a game. It is our duty to rise above such pettiness. I do not subscribe to this idea there is no right or wrong. The universe most certainly understands balance. And destruction happens when it is not. Do you want to live or be destroyed?

So It all ended before it began. It had to end. A Queen? Of what? Denial is not just a river in Het-ka-P'tah my friend. [laughs] My people are not Kings and Queens, those are titles given by systems like the League of Nations to slave owners in charge of regional management of resources. Pharaoh does not mean King, it means House. A House has many people, not just one. I encourage my people to let go of such titles. We are beyond that. We should inspire people to be leaders, not followers.

What I love about Black Panther is his intent to see his people become who they desire. This is Wakanda! There is no such word, Wakanda. It is a sound, like when you play. Wakanda! What it means to us in a playful manner is Spirit! Breath! Wakanda! It is an old expression. Our time together was so playful and full of hope. We both had much working against us, but together we felt invincible. He knew then what he wanted to do and I was excited for him. Wakanda!! So this is the word we use when we are talking about the hopes of the people. This has inspired strong technological and agricultural achievements including new effective ways to distribute water, food and other resources. Vibranium is a result from this healthy tribal system. Micro communities creating a fractal dynamic! This is all old ways, we are rediscovering these methods. I am excited for the potential of the technology built around this thinking.

Vibranium comes from collaborative fields created by the environment and the inhabitants. To make it simple, if the air is healthy and the beings living off the land are in tune the ground becomes fruitful. In this case the fruit is Vibranium and its countless applications. Vibranium has given these regions, not bound by the Law of the Nations, real prosperity! However you will not read about them. Only people who choose to explore will find these peaceful yet advanced places in the care of T'Challa. They are all over, hidden in plain site. This continent known as Africa is a very big place for whispers. I can tell you that Het-ka-P'tah , one would call it Egypt, as well as all the ancient cities across this Earth are part of this old Wakanda development.They were already connected after all! So now we are understanding more about this ancient technology. Uncovering older layers that have even more advanced architectural purpose!

I have my eye on what is going on. I am still invested, I can not deny my protective feelings. There are infiltrators in that region. Small group of men have taken over full development of these discoveries. Who fill the public's heads with silly ideas. Propaganda. However there were honorable men who had discovered information that could allow the people living in the region to fully understand and apply the knowledge to their everyday lives. Removing the gate keeper hierarchy in place. These men were assassinated and their teams were accused of fowl play. And in a secret court they were sentenced and never heard from again. Now we are back to relying on the corporations that have taken over something that should have been under public scrutiny. And no matter my past stations I have been discredited and dismissed by the empires I help build as well as maintained. My connections with the people can still be part of it all growing into something better.


So I wear the colors and symbols of my origins because they are part of my story. They are part of my cells. My code. I am not ashamed. What I can say is I know better now. These things I participated in were not correct. And although there are some people in those groups who are good, they did not write the rules as you already pointed out. They did not control how it started nor can they control how it ends. But they can control themselves. And what they choose. Micro always affects the macro.

You see, the heroes who are employed facilitate the sickness. I love them all. However make no mistake this is a judgement. I am their reflection. But they work for agendas much larger than they. Work for Hire. Dependent, surrendering rights. How else do individuals with such great power end up working for politics? Even my X-Men brethren were selling Burger King. Can you imagine? [laughs] The biggest enemy to our prosperity?? Poisoned food! My X-Men selling it with no shame! What a mess I tell you.

WORLDBRIDGER: Not everyone is bad. Right? I know plenty of good people. As I heal myself from past misconceptions of who I am it becomes painfully obvious the fucked up shit in which I participated. It seems to most as pretty outrageous to think of such huge conspiracies like you suggest. There would need to be so many people involved. But aren't we all involved in some way?

O: Look at how we all live. I include myself because I have already established I am apart of lies on a grander scales than most. People are taught certain ways of seeing. You do not need the whole world to be "in on it" to make it happen. People who raise that question are just confused as to how mind control happens. It only takes one generation to redirect the masses. Cognitive dissonance takes over and builds walls to any other possible explanation or solution. The people on the top need the rest of people to do what they do on the micro level in order to facilitate the macro. As above so below, and we are talking about masters of such powers. They are the keepers of true understanding and they apply with precision and control while we are divided over nuance and things that are of no consequence.

W: Black vs white, left vs right, bite vs bite.

STORMSUNSETO: [Laughs]This concept called race use to be very important to me. My Mother's recipe book has replaced that space in my being. A good fish stew has more validity to me than nationality.

I was always told I was black until I learned that is not a heritage. It is a category. Not only is my father Irish, I have a great deal of Eurasian in me from my mothers' lineage even though she is from Kenya. [laughs] Those we know as Eurasians and Africans still have much control over the regions alongside the British elite families. They can also call themselves Zionists and they are working through the Vatican. All these religions and their understandings were adopted from The Book of the Dead. Redesigned to make them the gate keepers to Spirit. Although there is no gate keeper other than ones' own choices. This is all instrumental in the larger picture that makes up the ruling class. International slave trade and resource management. However now we just ship boxes with product made by the slaves.

There are many ethnicities calling the shots.These labels, white and black, do no exist to them other than used as a tool of division. They just want your attention. Your work. Your consciousness. Your time. I know what people mean when they say these things, black and white, and I am sensitive towards their personal struggles and how they relate to their heritage, but eventually these terms do more harm than good.

As I grew older I understood nationality and its' powerful misdirection. Race is an illusion while racism prevails. Modern day genetics that backs up these categories came from Eugenics. What people speak of is the association of their skin tone with a nation. But nations are empires built by slave masters. So by referring to yourself by a race you are identifying yourself with your masters' name. This is a common theme you will read through out the slave history but there will be specific details left out. Another great divide. Besides the new super race in control of the rest is Money. Domestication is our biggest struggle, not our pigment.

W: I really don’t think people are ready for that. So many empires have used this information to strip away the peoples' pride. Already we have celebrities saying their is only one race without truly comprehending what is coming out their mouths.

O: I have experienced much resistance to these ideas. What I speak does not take away from peoples' ancestry. Race has nothing to do with your identity. Your true family name and the traditions, rituals and understandings makes up your culture. Not the flags of the land masters. I am certainly not pushing that we are all the same. We are not all the same. We are all connected but we are all different. We want the same thing. Peace. Our history defines that and if you know your families history then you have an advantage that can be apart of your personal growth. But how many of us know true history? I would say not too many. Most of peoples' understanding comes from institutions owned by the conquerors. This does not take away from actual overstanding being taught at these places, I am a teacher after all, but it also does not affirm they are correct about such matters. And sometimes there is an intentional deception. Theories sold as facts. Overshadowing more expansive studies and alternative conclusions on the data collected.

So what good are a people who look back if what they are looking back at is a lie? Or misdirection? There is no future for these people. Only time travel back to the same point, again and again and again.

Go and really study your tribal ancestry and find how you got "civilized". Brutal things happened. It is all documented. Things exactly like 9/11 that alter the sense of our collective reality, steering our timelines. Rubbernecking our attention. Remember that just recently the masses were starting to really question the ruling class, becoming more aware of their strings. And just like that they managed to make the people believe we still need them again through the most advanced performance art one can entertain. They waged a war for the possession of our attention. We end up loving what we fear, that which possesses us.

WORLDBRIDGER: Are you angry?

ORORO:They say anger is bad. Fuck them. [laughs] Most people are not even as angry as they should be. Even the ones who claim such positions of compassion. I am a champion of true anger. The angriest ones transform that energy into idea and action! The rest are merely pouting children.

So yes, I am angry. And no I am not. It comes and it goes. Reaction! The bridge from problem to solution, my brother!!!! [laughs] At least when you are not thinking about bustin'skullz! This life tests your resolve. So I am investing in things I feel are solutions for me. But embracing the anger when it comes, because it is making me aware of an unhealthy condition.

W: Indeed… Sometimes being selfish is better for the bigger picture and that in turn can be the thing that ends up being of more value to others around you. Being affected more by a happier version of you. Healthier version. Integral. I have far to go…[we pause and laugh on cue.]

O: As Brother BANG would say, "We only get a short time to your steps...and be beautiful."

EGYPT_STORM_GROWING_ENVIRONMENTW: Indeed I know he's right. Every bit of our life can be intentional art. Even the parts that aren't intentional.

So, can we agree that genetics seems to be a big thing pushing all of these issues we're talking about? From race to economics, a lot of all this is based off the worth of ones' genes. Even you are considered a gene mutation? Man, the more I say it out loud the more I could never apply the word to you. It doesn't suit the condition.

O: Depends on how one sees things, does it not?

W: I like to approach everything with a reflection in mind. Talk to and treat others like how I would like to be treated and talked to. Be open to them, receive and believe them when they speak. Be more inquiring so that I can understand fully. Bringing a prejudice to observation doesn't seem to fit the equation.

O: That is a good philosophy.

We are still learning about genes. And remember I said where most of our mainstream genetic theory comes from. We still know very little, even though we have studied a lot. What is curious to me is there can actually be more genetic difference within a tribe than outside a tribe. At times this is true. Which stumps the scientific communities and contradicts a lot about old evolutionary paradigms and theories. I believe this ties into what I have been exposed to through my personal training and preparation. You can be the master of your genes. Your potential. We have so much in the ancient texts to remind and educate us on these things.

Our language is completely different than it once was. The way we distribute information is too linear at times. Same with how we view genes. Evolution says it gets better as time goes on. That can lead to more control over the distribution of discoveries. Illustrative communication like hieroglyphics can connect receptors in our bodies that are part of the chain reaction to genetic memories as well as our expansive, explosive potential. This is something, like most things carrying an important message, that can be hijacked by an alternative delivery. After all we are made up of mostly space. One could easily move in and set up a genetic detour if our cells are not paying attention.

W: Genes also seems to be the foundation of justified forever wars. You've been apart of it for a long time. Both on Earth and throughout the cosmos. Another contrary bit of information about you is the level of your strength and ability. From this limited idea about just being able to control the weather, to your level being labeled as just athletic to finding you traversing the cosmos. You're also one of the few individuals who has been able to wield the mighty hammer of Thor!

I know you established that you don't identify with the color categories available. Personally I always checked the "other" box growing up filling out all the standard registration protocols we've been coerced into. But I can't help but think that, forgive me, being a black lady has something to do with how they position you in folklore and our graphic representations of your history and experience.

O: Well first I must proclaim my love for my sexy caramel skin tone and the Melanin that is part of my connection to the P'tah. It is a rich history of a healthy, in tuned membrane development. I am grateful to my ancestors for taking care of their temples and passing this all down to me. I did say racism is alive and well. More real than race to me. Fear leads to all kinds of scary things like prejudice and bigotry, violence and enslavement. But the people who rule us are more scared of us then we are of them. After all the majority of people have no idea who and what these ruling classes are. But they know us. They know our potential and true power. So my struggle represents everyone. And my achievements represent everyone's potential.

BESIDES! When was the last time you saw any of those cowards lift a finger? They convince us to do it for them. This is their modus operandi. So we must be able to see these influences in our minds and learn how to negotiate those thoughts out!

W: These powers are so much greater than us it can seem and they use our brothers and sisters as shields to their insanity. Leaders are frauds, money drives the heroes as much as the mere mortals. Most seem influenced and/or programmed. Complacent. Or don't see a problem. Those who say they're helping are posing for a selfie!

O: Preach it, Brother! [laughs]

W: I'm sorry. I'm a hypocrite. I've played my part too. Participated in some nonsense. From both sides of whatever example I could give you. As I embrace my center more, as I take care of myself, as I clean my temple so to speak, it's hard to even relate to myself even from just a few years ago. It's easy to relate to what is happening now. My life has completely transformed in real amazing ways. Intentional ways. It is why I'm here with you right now. Reflections. Teachers and students. Growing together.

O: You are talking about the alignment of your body with your intent. Unification. When our electrical currents are strong it creates electromagnetic fields that are strong and attracts like bodies. Which leads to a fractal of solutions for any problem that might arise.

W: OK. Objectification in Entertainment and the Sun Gods! Ready? Go!

O: The word object is a noun and a verb. It can mean something you can see, touch and feel. You perceive it, or you believe you do. It can also mean you disapprove. This word already makes the conversation confusing. So if we are talking about how men fantasize over women, and vise versa then I would say it is a delicate line to walk. We are sexual beings and we all have our preferences over what moves us. So I support fantasy. But! We should respect each other. This is not a new understanding. I encourage people to find the spiritual connection first. Sex and how we treat each other, using sexuality, is fundamental to our beings. Inserting Chakras can have specific repercussions. Choose wisely.

Now if want to explore what it means in what we call our culture, like for example with art, then that is a much more loaded conversation. I say you cannot edit, you cannot sensor. I cannot speak of the business of art, this is not my concern. I am an artist, a fan, appreciator and collector myself. I want the truth of art. If it does not move me, I do not invest. Economically or emotionally.

Artists in general have their own battles with exploitation. They are constantly marginalized and judged. If they are able to do it for a living chances are they are told what to create everyday. By someone worried about sales. Signing their rights away to their beautiful creations! Can you imagine? Very few can make a livable wage in these worlds.I believe whether or not they make their characters look too sexy should not even be a real issue worth exploring. Those communities have other problems to overcome. Entertainment? Enter Obtainment. It is magic! [laughs] Presto!

Sun Gods. Hmmmm. Fun! We are all children of the Sun. This is why every culture, every ancient text connects us to the Sun, the Planets, the Stars and the fractal dynamics that make up the Cosmos. Our Sun is our central receiver and transmitter. Remember I said it is a Electromagnetic Universe, our sun is a central proton to the element that makes up our Solar System. We are picking up the information from what some mistakenly call Dark Matter. This is the Field. This is why I am needed when the X-Men traveled to other galaxies. I create an electromagnetic field comparable to the atmosphere here on Earth. So that their atoms do not explode into a billion pieces! [laughs] We ride on the fabric of energy and intention. There is no time there.

W: So, Sister, where do you want to end up?

O: A place of full Gratitude. Fully heart felt manifestation… To Master Intent. Balance. Love. Expression! To be able to fully receive and distribute when necessary. To be apart of healing. To continue to collaborate and create possibilities! Fulfill my responsibilities! To recognize the divine part of self!

What I would like to see for the people is a return to the wild. GO run naked in a bush! Hunt your food! Grow your food! Feel the dirt, breathe the air, drink the real water from the mountains! Eating real wild food with real seeded code in it that was made for us by Gaia. All of our systems need to be built around a clean environment. Starting with the Mushrooms!  Starting with the fruits!

I would like to see smaller, self ruling tribal communities. Embracing old ways while still applying new technologies. I'd also like to see all scientific discoveries to be owned by the people. Fully scrutinized accordingly by the people. Dynamically distributed information. This is how we will grow together.

Do not mistake ones' family for what we know as civilization. Civilization is a political word. Civil. Belonging to the State. Tribal communities are more freeing, sustainable and prosperous. I would like to see more living off what the land yields seasonally. With self sustaining and prosperous habitats utilizing permaculture and animal grazing properties. This way of living is so beneficial to the mind, body and soul. Letting go of the need for these super hero pseudo-religious, centralized problem solving agencies. Putting so much faith into them does not make us any more secure. If they are true heroes then they do not require us to worship at their feet. They will always be there when the time is needed. Which is part of our everyday choices.

The field wants us all to achieve and succeed! Because that is the experience it desires as well. With all this I know this means I cannot just do the things I want. I am steward of my power after all and it has a higher purpose as well. Whether men try to call it a mutation or an ego, I know it is part of this life like I am part of this power. I acknowledge it uses me as a bridge to express itself.

W: Which means you still got to kick ass from time to time.

O: [laughs] You know it brother! It is the balance after all. May Anpu guide them when that time comes. [laughs]


Dedicated to Liam Scheff. Say Hi to the Great Spirit for me, Brother. I'll continue to tune into your frequency while I am here.