I am an Award Winning creative problem solver! My intention is to bring out the best in everyone and everything in which I participate! With 28 years experience and a wake of amazing clientele and creators I’ve had the chance to build and train with, I’m prepared for the next mountain of potential I have chosen to embark.

From my pre to post production experience in comic books, animation, fashion and design to my personal love for music, physics, history and architecture, I speak a transmedia language that builds bridges.

I am a teacher/wrestling coach’s son in my love for information and building strong individuals, which has inspired me to share my skills and experience with others in both a physical and social media capacity. And with my theatrical background and production career skill set I use story and play to share the lessons with an amazing group of contributors from diverse creative industries.

Today, companies need to be consistently more competitive than ever before. Whether it’s the way their product effects the tactile experience of the intended users, or how how their social media presence effects the emotional reaction of their intended audience, they always need refined creative content that constantly stands out and grabs attention! I can do that!

My Specialties:
+Art Direction
+Video Production / Pre to Post
+Story Development (Comic Books, Animation, Live Action)
+Social Media Creative Content
+Branding Design
+Digital Illustration
+Creative Business and Art Education
+Creative Direction

Currently I continue to facilitate my specialties for artists and businesses looking to refine their productions and brands. While living in full gratitude I’m also creating original Transmedia Intellectual Properties which are designed to be licensing super novas that ignite endless possibilities for all who participate!