I finally got to a point where I feel strong enough about the general direction of the upper arm part of the full sleeve that me and Sameerah made transfers to see how it fits. Pretty damn good. The bi and tri areas snapped into place. I still have the rest of the forearm to hand, as well as shoulder cap. I will be full sleeves on both arms when completed. I’m eager to get in the chair. The designing has took forever. I can design for other people but usually I like others work or collaborative efforts on myself…but I couple years ago I felt strongly about finishing my arms myself. Because only I knew what I really wanted. Which was hybrid remix! And although I see more great tattoo designers each day, I haven’t seen the complete feel I want..

and instead of being a difficult client for others, I decided to abuse myself.hahahaha


Shot and Edited by: Snakebite Cortez™