TRS: THE PROCESS: Ship’s Control Deck

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This page was more involved then the usual amount of work needed. Which was already more then your average comic book page. Because this page revealed another dynamic of the world. The Holographic Interface. That had to be designed. I think once I showed Gossett the other aspects of my skills he would tend to rely on me to fill in a lot of the blanks. And even if that wasn’t the presumption oh his part, that was what ended up happening. So with no drawn concepts available I ended up designing my own interfaces. Don’t get me wrong, that is the fun stuff behind producing comics, but man, a lot of the times I was burnt on the page even before I got to work on the creative aspect. The time needed to import all the raw 3D files, and at this stage of the game the files didn’t come to me as dial as what Allen Coulter did on the original pages of the first issues.

So compared to a usual comic book page that should take no more then 3-6 hours max per page, TRS pages would easly need a few days worth of work each. Especially ones like this example. OF course looking back the only one that thinks about the work and dedication needed to do it at the time (with a small ass G3 at the time) is me. hahahaha, so , in my face…and now, its in yours. Hopefully a more enjoyable face full then what I just described. hahahaha fuck, we were pioneers! And carving your own path takes hard work…and honor. Sometime you don’t find them together, but then again sometimes you do. Like in guys like me! 😉