Hey guys! We’re super excited to share this new music video single for The Upsiders’ , Tripped Over the Sun directed by Snakebite Cortez.

Featuring The Upsiders aka Joshua Lopez, Davey Chegwidden and Malik the FreQ.

We put a lot of intention and focus into this expression of good will to manifest good things. Come join us as we tune ourselves to the key of WE. Humming through the Field together to ride the waves
of chill vibes.

We’ll be playing the video every half hour so people can come and go at their leisure, or chill the whole night.

We’ll have some refreshments but if you plan on staying for a minute it might be a good idea to bring your party.

We hope to celebrate with you all.

Thank you for your Time and Space.

5355 Cartwright Ave #318 North Hollywood 91601
#1901 to Buzz Yourself in. Go upstairs turn left then
go to Second Elevator in the Second Building through
the courtyard and finally make elevator to third floor.
Straight out the elevator follow the hall to the end.

if you have any problems call 213-713-3323

Free Parking on the street.

This is A special invite only so PLEASE BRING  FRIENDS but don’t post on public forums. No accidental tourists please. 🙂

ALSO 21 and over ONLY! loveya!


This video captures the very first time Malik and Davey played with Joshua. Captured on video by Snakebite! How appropriate

he ends up directing their first music video as a trio!