THE RED STAR was a pioneering comic book/graphic novel that turned into a video game by ACCLAIM and is also currently in the works to be a movie, Directed by Josh Trank, with the same title.


Created and Drawn by Christian Gossett, Co-Written by Brad Kayle, 3-D by Allen Coulter, KGB and later Paulie Schrier of Power Rangers fame and Co-Art Directed with 3D-2D Integration, Design and Digital Paint by yours truly, Snakebite Cortez. This was almost a five year investment and the most unique process needed for a comic book at the time. We approached the book with a big picture in mind. Everything we did was because we believe that this project would benefit us all when it would evolve into the world it was always meant to be.


It was built with taking care of the team in mind and that ideal was the major motivation to keep it moving!


Although we printed under the Image Comic banner in the beginning, TRS was a fully independent book. With independent finance to get the ball rolling from long time childhood friends to Christian, Johanna Olson MD and Nathaniel Downes.


I hold this project in high regard. At the very least because of how much work it took to make it happen. The book pioneered a look and aesthetic that evolve the comic book industry. I give the book it’s own section in my menu and website because of this. I share some of my favorite pages and the process it took to produce each page in hopes that old fans will have another great way to see what was done, to pull in new fans and to document my personal contributions and sacrifice…because that shit was a lot of work. hahahaha…. I always said that the body will forget what the pages will remember forever. That was my mantra while I was stealing hot dogs in order to survive so that this project would live on. And I know the rest of the team made similar sacrifices as well.


So check out some of the love from THE PAGES and THE PROCESS as well as the sister title, RUN MAKITA RUN!

I hope you enjoy!

-Snakebite Cortez™