PHOTOSHOP COMMANDOS PROMO: Prices and scheduling

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful program, and the industry standard for a huge range of mediums: comic books, animation, video games, photography, video compositing, fashion, design, website development…the list goes on and on. Being able to seamlessly incorporate Photoshop into your skill set will ensure your sustainability as a creator!

For the first time in my 21-year career as a professional transmedia artist specializing in Adobe Photoshop, I will be offering one-on-one training in my new studio in NOHO (North Hollywood) California. Every student will have a chance to learn exactly what they need for their specific vision of their career path.

Whether you are just starting out or are already successful in your field, I will work with you to tailor each class to your individual needs — collaborative education! All you have to do is submit a short summary of who you are and what you are looking to learn and I will design our time around your intent.

I have taught at animation schools, lectured on college campuses and conducted private on-site sessions for individuals and groups — all with great results. A few hours with me will unlock many mysteries of the program.

Courses can incorporate any aspect of Photoshop you desire, including tips, tricks and best practices in scanning, importing files, exporting files, making selections, layer masks, layer modes, custom brushes, painting techniques, photo manipulation, color correction, color for comic books, color/painting for animation characters and backgrounds, design for print and web, path tool, utilizing the text tool, customizing fonts — anything YOU can think of!

The only prerequisites are that you are comfortable with a computer (I will be teaching you using the MacOS platform) and that you have some basic familiarity with Adobe Photoshop. There are plenty of tutorials online to get you started. Your time with me will be more efficient and beneficial if you arrive with a general understanding of what the program can do, how the interface is set up and what you want out of it. The best answers come from the best questions!

For beginner and advanced knowledge (no registration fees required):
Two 3 hour courses. 6 hours total: $300
Four 3 hour courses. 12 hours total: $550
Six 3 hour courses. 18 hours total: $750
Eight 3 hour courses. 24 hours total: $950
(Payments can be made with check, cash or credit card. Note: All credit card transactions have an additional transaction fee of $20.)

If you want me to come to you, on-site courses are available as well for an additional fee. Please email me for all inquiries.

– Daytime and night slots are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 2pm-5pm