PHOTOMANIPULATION: HIGH CONCEPT STYLE: Making it look like a drawing.



This piece is for a personal project. I find that I have to always work on personal projects. No matter how busy I am I feel it is essential to constantly have the love flow in my time. I gotta be inspired at all times. When I work on my personal projects I end up working with people I have a connection with. We laugh, we care, we give ourselves. We collaborate fully. THere is no agenda other then growth and having fun. And of course clients benefit from this play because I bring these techniques back to them. This is a mash up. I wish I had the photos but I lost the hard drive. THe finished piece is all I have. There’s no secret, it’s just manual work. I painted a great deal, pushing the pixels around and using lots of custom brushes with mad filers to get that crazy look. Ultimately the original photo is no longer there at all. All digital brushes and textures created. its a great way to work, old school in a lot of ways. I could do these all day. THis one was created way back in 2008. I lost alot of the work from those times in a hard drive crash. Enjoy.