NEWS: SNAKEBITE CORTEZ: Directs Videos for Not Dead Yet Records 2013



I’m very excited to be working with  Not Dead Yet Records, Directing their new music videos! The Fabulous Miss Wendy’s “No One Can Stop Me” because the title is very suited for my personal journey…I found myself repeating the phrase over and over as I was working on it and the song, produced by Kim Foley and engineered by Mark Wolf is an infectious cosmic lollypop of a lick!….and The Theadora Kelly Project’s “Death to Zombies” which..I mean, come on! Is she not right? Geesh…I love the juxtaposition of this little cute little school girl telling people to fuck off and die…it’s super cute! hahahaha

I have been Directing mini documentaries for the last few years and this is my next logical progression as a film maker and creator. Be on the look out in the next few weeks and months for my new shit! Thank you!


Snakebite Cortez

Transmedia Specialist

  1. Theadora

    I love this picture of Wendy. It really embodies her sound and look. Very girly in such a Wendy kinda way.

    And Justin King, guitarist for TKP lookin so Reservoir Dawg-ish makes me so excited to see the Death To Zombies video. It was a pleasure working with you and Samee Tatu. Looking forward to doing it again.

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