NEWS: DEATH TO ZOMBIES: Video Stills from Director Snakebite Cortez

Here are some stills from The Theadora Kelly Projects new single, Death to Zombies, music video I am directing and editing for The Theadora Kelly Project and Not Dead Yet Records. We’re still in production and have one more day of shooting ahead of us. But so far we’re having a blast and the concept is evolving as we go. Lots of laughs and hard work!


Special Thanks to Wes, VIncent Guastini, Justin King and Justine Kaye, Victor and of course Theadora! With Extra special Thanks to Sameerah Hoddison for keeping the style and quality consistent!


Future thanks to the people who will be a part of helping us finish this fucker! hahahaha



Stay Tuned

Snakebite Cortez™