Chase Bank: Cinematography  and Audio
-Transmedia Creative and Behind the Scenes: Commercial Spots

Reset: Cinematography and Audio
-Transmedia Creative and Behind the Scenes: Commercial Spots

Caps: Cinematography and Audio
-Transmedia Creative and Behind the Scenes: Commercial Spots

First Market Films: Cinematography and Audio
-Transmedia  Behind the Scenes

Make It Happen: Cinematography and Audio
-Transmedia Creative and Behind the Scenes: Commercial Spots

Diabolik Films/Phil Mucci: Practical and Visual Effects
-Art Direction, Design and Fabrication: Droid and Blaster: TORCHE Annihilation Affair
-Rotoscoping and Effects: File Set up for VIsual Effects: The Vengeful One music video for DISTURBED

Not Dead Yet Records: Writing, Directing, Editing and Visual Effects
-No One Can Stop Me: The Fabulous Miss Wendy
-Death to Zombies: Theadora Kelly Project

Vanessa Bell Calloway: 2nd Camera
-DIY Cooking Series: Cooking and Hooking Up

PIEL Music: Writing, Directing, Editing and Visual Effects
-CINNAMON: Music Video: PIEL

AIQ Digital: Cinematography and Audio
-Behind the Scenes Album Recording and Video Production
-COOKIN’ and HOOKIN’ UP!: Online Cooking show, six episodes.
-MISC: EPK and Performance Based Videos

Pretend For Reals: Visual Effects
-Key Light -Rotoscoping -Color Correction
-Additional textures and filters

DC Comics: Digital Color
-JLA: Convergence: Chris Cross



-Sticks and Hairs: Yes! I can use the old traditional ways of pencils and brushes. I can do that, without a computer. It’s all about the fundamentals!

-Adobe Suite: Since 1993

-Final Cut Pro X


-After Effects

-Canon Cameras:   C100 and C300 Cinema Cameras. All DSLR editions.

Along side an assortment of additional audio and visual applications and gear to support the needs of the production. Full production team management from Makeup to Lighting.

My current focus is on Transmedia where my studio, ENTERMERCE TRANSMEDIA, has been facilitating services in the categories of Intellectual Property Development and content for Publication, Video Production, Music Videos, Commercials, Educational Series, Reality Shows, Behind the Scenes and EPK. We also supply Visual Effects, Rotoscoping, Keylight, Filters, Graphic Animation, Color Correction. Photography, Illustration, Digital Color, Matte Painting, Design and Education.

Find our most recent commissioned works in my video and photography sections of this site.

Contact me at

-Atlas Pictures
-The Shop @ ShowReady
-Red Sky Studio
-Sarka Lmt.
-Brand X Design
–RPI Distribution
-Petra Gallerie/SORO Social Club
-Heavy Metal Magazine

-Sony Records
-Interscope Records
-That Noise
-The Singularity
-Layla Kilolu
-Malik “The Freq” Moore
-Rev Theory


-McFarlane Productions
-Matinee Entertainment
-Titmouse Animation
-Klasky Csupo
-Graham Morris Animation

-D.C. Comics
-Marvel Comics
-Verotic comics
-Image comics
-Barr Entertainment
-Archangel Studios
-Vicarious Visions
-Humanoids Publication
-Event Comics
-Chaos Comics
-Spiritsmanship Prod.
-Lewis Color

-Von Dutch
-Joie Jeans
-Gleam Body Radiance
-Nagual Designs
-King Baby
-Dirt Custom Leather
-Skkin Custom Leather
-Scanty Pajamas
-Scanty Clothing
-Eisbar Clothing


-The Animation Academy

-Cal State Northridge


-Heavy Metal Magazine Gallery
-ANISE International Film Festival
-Eisner Awards
-The Museum of Television and Radio
-Chicago Television Festival
-MTV Music Video Awards



26 Years  Experience

Snakebite Cortez is a Bridger of Worlds, a Creative Generalist with two decades’ experience in the fields of Animation, Comic Books, Fashion Design and Video Games. He has brought his unique skill set and award-winning aesthetic flavor to bear on projects for a diverse clientele ranging from Titmouse Animation to DC Comics, Von Dutch to VH1. He is an expert illustrator and a specialist in 2D digital media, focusing on digital paint, color design and conceptual development. He is also a highly regarded teacher, having shared his knowledge of Photoshop and The Business of Art both on staff at The Animation Academy in Burbank, California and as an occasional guest lecturer at high schools and colleges around Southern California.

He is a five-time nominee for the prestigious Eisner Award in recognition of his outstanding color work in the comics industry, and he was an integral part of the team on the groundbreaking animated video for KORN’s “Freak on a Leash,” which earned two Grammys as well as an MTV Video Music Award. In addition, his work has won awards at the ANISE International Film Festival and the Chicago Television Festival, and has been recognized by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

More recently, he served as Background Painter on the acclaimed animated series “G.I. Joe: Resolute,” then turned down a similar post on the revamped “Thundercats” in order to devote the entirety of his energy and time to more personal endeavors he was aprart of as Co-Founder, Director of Petra Gallerie, Partner of the SORO Social Club, and the Owner of Mordida de Culebra Tattoo Studio during 2010-13.

Currently focusing on directing and photography, developing new creative content with his evolved alliances, Snakebite stands at the crossroads of a dizzying array of diverse art forms and powerful cultural forces, holding on for dear life as he bends the world to his badass and beautiful vision.

-Director, Videographer/Editor, Photographer, Traditional and Digital Artist, Designer, Educator and Collaborator.